The creation of Les Ateliers du Graff

Swarming creativity, Anje and Thierry gathered around several innovative concepts in order to participate in the evolution of street art. With an extensive network in urban art and a successful experience of ten years in the delivery of services to businesses, they decided to join forces around a fulfilling project.

Attentive, our teams help you,
from the idea to the realization of your project.


Professional Artists


Years of experience

Les Ateliers du graff count thirty professional graffiti artists, with over 10 years of practice up to 30 years for the oldest. Those years have allowed their becoming experts in their specialties. This wide range of artists with multiple facets, allows us to offer the best solutions to your needs without creative limits.

Discover the Plasti’Graff©

Les Ateliers du Graff invented and conceptualized a support allowing to combine the ephemeral graffiti culture and the opportunity for businesses and communities to value their heritage, during the time of an event.