Fancy a ephemeral work?

Les Ateliers du Graff invented and conceptualized a support allowing to combine the ephemeral graffiti culture and the opportunity for businesses and communities to value their heritage, during the time of an event.

The Plasti’Graff© is an adhesive plastic applicable on all types of indoor and outdoor coverings, he married the different shapes and roughness of surfaces covered thereby keeping the identity of the site or the object exploited.

The Plasti’Graff© is a process that you can use from a few hours to several weeks without it degrades your initial support. With this innovative product, it’s possible to express art in the most unlikely places using the most unusual surfaces, this concept is limitless!


It comes in four categories:


Plasti’Graff© Clear is transparent, it allows you to work from a neutral base. Its composition has the property to leave intact the initial support.


Plasti’Graff© Color gives you access to a palette of 300 colors and effects, choose your background ready to use and apply wherever you want.


Plasti’Graff© School is ideal for learning or participatory projects, choose your theme or send us simply your image and get your sketch Plasti’Graff already drawn.


Plasti’Graff© Light is perfect for nocturnal atmosphere that illuminates creatively, it customizes in light your indoor and outdoor venues for up to 20 years.

It’s clear that the lack of free expression promotes vandalism location of our towns and stigmatize graffiti. Plasti’Graff© provide a real alternative to everyone in the discipline and enhance their image.